I suck for not writing.

Exactly. The title says it all.


(I’m obviously having creativity problems right now :s)


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Random Super-Awesome Facts About Life In Case You Are Obsessed With Singing

I have not kept my promise of blogging more often. Shame on me. I know, I know.

Now, let’s get down to the non-boring/embarrassing stuff. So, I love making lists. And I am a random person who is obsessed with singing. Also, I had a really bad day today, but always everything ends well. Well, hopefully. So, I decided to make a list of random facts in case you’re me or somebody like me, kinda to cheer me up.

  1. Food is a very important part of life.
  2. My parents are apparently buying me a new guitar so I can start practicing it before the moving stuff arrives here in Mexico.
  3. I wish I could play guitar and keyboard.
  4. I write songs. But I need to download the program that allows me to write songs in the computer. It’s something called “Encore”.
  5. I’ve been thinking of setting up a YouTube account to use for making song covers.
  6. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga is my new obsession song.
  7. My favorite song is “Thinking Of You” by Katy Perry.
  8. Katy Perry is my favorite artist.
  9. Paramore is my favorite band.
  10. I break out into random lyrics to random songs during random moments.
  11. I sing in the shower. 🙂
  12. I use the word “random” too much. WAY too much.
  13. I can actually act. Well, apparently. But out of the blue I just became good at drama.
  14. I have a cat.

So… that’s it for today!

And yes, I know… this was very random.

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Hey everyone, IT IS 2011 !! That means that soon this blog will be completing 2 years of existence!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

So, I’ll have to promise a few things for this New Year. I already wrote some resolutions, but still.

This year I promise I will:

  • Learn keyboard (the instrument, not the one I’m using to type in this moment)
  • Learn guitar–electric. Yep, I’m an evil guitar owner. I let it sit for years and years without doing anything to it. But I swear I’ll finally play it. I promise. I promise.
  • Do powerpoints which aren’t 20 min long, and oral book jams which aren’t 12 min long. =)
  • Take care of my cat (Yes, I’m finally getting a cat!!! We’re gonna adopt her in a few days. I have to come up with a good name for her xD)
  • Take care of my roses (We’re having a small garden, and since my favorite flower along with lilies is red roses, I’m hopefully getting roses to take care of)
  • Be nicer to my mom and stop complaining so much

Things I can’t promise because I know I won’t do them:

  • Do my homework before the last minute. Well, sometimes I do it before the last minute, but it’s rare.
  • Spend less than thirty minutes in the shower. That’s like, my least. Often I take 1 hour. I’m working on making the shower time smaller, I mean, SAVE THE PLANET!!!
  • Eat with my mouth closed 🙂 (Mom, if you’re reading this, you know how bad I am at this, and I’m sorry to tell you I’ll keep talking with food in my mouth… sorry =P)
  • Stop eating so many cookies (COOKIES = HEAVEN)
  • Stop doing freaky faces to take pictures (Nope, Mom, I’m also not doing that.)
  • I better stop here because this list is gonna get too big otherwise. 🙂

So, here are my wishes for your 2011:

Happy 2011! Lots of peace, prosperity, happiness…

Ugh, I sound like a prefabricated, impersonal New Year card. Let’s try it again.

I hope that you find yourself very AWESOME and BIZARRE on this year. Let the CRAZINESS take over you, and I seriously hope you find yourself DREAMING all the time. There’s nothing better than EVERYTHING. Okay, the previous sentence didn’t make any sense at all. But okay. Let’s go on. Hopefully a FIRE, especially a GREAT one, won’t HAPPEN at your house, but if it does, remember to keep calm and safe and all will be okay. Just remember to not IGNITE any lighters–the chance of fire can be significantly reduced if you’re careful. But don’t be too careful and picky in everything–that’s boring. And JEALOUSY is not good. So don’t have it in the next year. KEEP happy. Happy’s better. (In fact, letter H shoulda been “happy”.) LOVE life like you’ll never see another day (hopefully you will, though). MEET new people with cordiality and invite them in. (That’s for people in my new school here in Mexico. Dang! Letter M coulda been “Mexico”. Mexico’s cool.) NEVER be evil. Well, OKAY, we’re all evil at times, but don’t be too evil. PLEASE use the word “please”–peeps tend to like you better this way. QUIT smoking. In case you do. And REMEMBER your old friends who left to Mexico. (In case you’re one of my friends. Oh, hi, by the way.) STILL cherish people in your heart. Even if they are somewhere else in the world. TRY and change the world, by UNITING it. Don’t be VIOLENT, because not being violent contributes to a better WORLD. Wish y’all well. Even if I dunno you. XOXO. Oh, and in case YOU haven’t been to my blog yet, comment, vote on the polls, and keep coming back, okay? ZINGLE bells and a happy 2011.

(And yes, I know it’s JINGLE and not ZINGLE, but that’s okay, right??)


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MUAHHAHAHAHA I’m reinventing my blog. Oh, and Merry Christmas to you too. :)

Well, so yeah, the title says it all. I’m reinventing my blog. As you can see, the theme, title and tagline changed and I might be making other new stuff/throwing away other things soon.

And of course Christmas (X-Mas!!!!!!!!!!!!) has passed and I didn’t come here to wish you a merry one for you 😉 , but that’s exactly what I’m doing now. And Happy New Year–we have only 5 days left of 2010!!!!!!!!

I remember last year’s New Yr. post and it was written in the same hotel that I am staying now. Except now it’s changed (for better, not worse) and everything is so different from that time. It’s weird how easily things can change, and you think they’re not changing, and they end up changing anyways. Oh well. I’m gonna get lost in my random musings if I don’t focus. But if I focused more on things, I prolly wouldn’t be the crazy dreamer that I am.

Yeah, of course, I didn’t get great traffic this year. But that’s all right. Most people from the school I studied in when I created this blog sorta dropped or forgot about theirs (their blogs, I mean). So it was natural that I would get less views, and stuff.

And with New Years, come the eternal lists of Top 10 Moments, Top 10 Photos, Top 10 posts, Top 10 songs and stuff like that. Here I go for my faves in this blog!

Top 7 Posts of the Year, for order of me liking the post 🙂

1-How I Fell In Love With My Guitar… Again
2-Back with Demi!
3-Unusual, but cool and unique hair
4-Pseudonyms!! Finally free of writer’s block!!
5-12 Presents I Would Hate 2 Get On My BDay
6-10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…
7-You are never really bored…never!

Thx for whoever viewed my blog this year I now have 1,685 views! That’s more than I ever expected it to be!!!!!


Happy New Year from Night Lilies!

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NOO the best band ever is splitting!!!!!!! :'(

Actually i had seen this before, but hadn’t looked into it yet. And it is so shocking but the Farro brothers (Josh and Zac) which are part of the band Paramore say that really it was all lies and that Hayley Williams (the lead singer) was getting all the attention. They also said Hayley was trying to become a solo artist and pulling herself apart from the band. I don’t know what to think, I’ve read both their versions and I know there are two sides to every story.


Well I’ll stick up for them no matter what happens.

But I guess the end of 2010 wasn’t great for either them or me… Is the whole world crashing down?

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Songs I’m Obsessed With

I have a very unhealthy obsession with Katy Perry’s music. So here are some of my personal favorites:

Thinking of You (I posted below)

Teenage Dream

The One That Got Away





Not Like The Movies

I Kissed A Girl

Hummingbird Heartbeat

One Of The Boys

Waking Up In Vegas

Who Am I Living For?


The songs above are from one of Katy’s pop albums (she recorded a gospel music album before this), either from One Of The Boys or Teenage Dream.


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New Beginnings & New Endings

So, now it’s in one week. One week and a day. That’s in how much time I will be leaving the school I am in now to go to a school in Mexico.

I know you guys from ECA will probably never see this, but I’ll miss you. You guys made this in Venezuela, like, the happiest time of my life. I’m not good at saying cozy and cheesy stuff, but really, this was the best year and a half that could ever have happened to me. Right now my apartment is getting filled with cardboard boxes, and it reminds me of when I came here. One day I know it’ll stop hurting thinking of moving and all, but right now there’s pain. And it’s sorta good there’s pain, I guess, because that meant there was love. Thanks for making my world amazing during this time!!!

So, on another note, there is snow on my blog. (Wow, really?) Yeah, it’s supposed to be snow. Some time soon I’ll probably be changing the blog’s appearance.

Goodbye, that’s it for 2day!!


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Saddest music video ever.

I’m serious !! dis 1 made me cry !!!!!!!!!

Every time I see dis video it makes me cry. It’s touching. Check it out. (And Christina’s singing is perfect, nothing less than that.)

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Thinking Of You Video by Katy Perry

I love this song, and the video is just so sad!

Lately I’ve been listening to more music, so I might start putting videos in this blog!

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Like, my only or second-only post this month =D

Yup, I confess i havent really been on my blog lately… so here goes! Whoevr is crazy nice enough to be reading this, this is my post for the month!

lame i know… but it’s an artistic thing to do! =P

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